Qawwali translations: Mo se bol na bol - Maulana Mauj

Mo se bol na bol, meri sun ya na sun Mein to tohe naa chhoruungii ai sanvare Baanh churrai jaat ho Nibal jaan ke mohay hirday main say jaavoo gay Tub marad baton gee tohay Mori saas nanandiaa phiri to phiri Mosay phir kiyon na jaey sabbi gaon ray Ek tu na phiray mo say ae meray piyaray Main bhi to aee teri chhaon ray Rahee laaj sharam ki baat kahan Jab prem kay phanday diyo paon ray Nijam ko lal fakhar diin piyaray Tumrii kahoo ke main kit jaauun re? Bagar kay log lagai hamka Dharat naam to dharo naon ray Main to apnii Mauj se rahoongi tore sang Main to yahee na chukuun rahunn thaam ray
Speak to me or not, hear me out or not. I shall not let go of you, O’ my swarthy one! You snatch my hand away, imagining me weak. Try pulling out of my heart and then ill call you a man. Let my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law turn away from me; What does it matter if the whole village leaves me? Only you must not abandon me, O’ my beloved, I have come under your shadow. Now remains what scope for talk of bashfulness and shame? When my feet are snared in the shackles of love Fakhar Din is dear to Nizam, his darling Tell me, if I were to leave you, where could I go? Let the people of the town revile me; Call me by any name they wish. I shall, Mauj, live with you In ecstasy, as I please. I shall never leave you; I shall remain where I am. Original translation & transliteration by David Matthews, edited by JNS